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Forklift or FEL Mounted Side Tipper

FLYER Side bin tipper 6
Model BT/125 fitted to Industrial Forklift
FLYER Side bin tipper 5
Specialised Bins
FLYER Side bin tipper 4
Double Bin Tipper


  • Fits most makes of tractor mounted forklifts, industrial forklifts OR front end loaders
  • Can fit onto existing forks (2500kg cap. forklifts)¬†OR directly to carriageway in the place of the forks
  • 150 degree of tipping angle to left or right
  • Top and Side support arms to prevent bin damage
  • Hydraulic cylinder operation for complete control
  • 1250kg OR 1500kg models available
FLYER Side bin tipper 3Fitted to Forklift Model D10/125
1250kg capacity, 3m lift
FLYER Side bin tipper 1
Showing top & side support arms
Model BT/150
FLYER Side bin tipper 2
Fitted to existing industrial forks

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