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Forklift Accessories

Quinn Machinery have a range of accessories to suit your needs. If you can’t see it on our site, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do – we can do most things!

Load Back Frame

Designed as a safety feature that can be fitted to all Quinn Forklifts. This will protect the operator for falling bins and is quickly removed from the forklift in seconds. It is designed to be used with empty bins only. The height can be modified to suit the end users requirements.

Sm Loadback Frame 1 Quinn Engineering


This unit can be fitted to the hydraulic lines of the forklift which removes shock loading on the bin of produce. This helps to prevent damage to the produce when transporting the load.

Sm Accumulator 1 Quinn Engineering Sm Accumulator 2 Quinn Engineering

Hydraulic Top Clamp

The hydraulically operated top clamp can be fitted to the range of forklifts which allows the load to have top pressure put on it to stabilise the load when being carried in unstable terrain. Spring tensioners prevent damage to the bin or beehive.

Sm Top Clamp 1 Quinn Engineering Sm Top Clamp 2 Quinn Engineering

Log Clamp

Available as a single or double unit, the log clamp is used to secure a load of posts, timber, logs or other material being carried on the forks. This can be easily removed if not required to be fitted permanently to the forklift.

Log Forks Single Grab 002 Untitled-2_r3_c4



Contact Quinn Machinery today to discuss your options. Call 07 867 6712 or click here to email us

Contact Quinn Machinery today to discuss your options. Call 07 867 6712