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About Quinn Machinery

Quinn Engineering is a family owned and operated company starting in the early 1960’s manufacturing agricultural and horticultural lifting equipment under the company name of Quinn Baleboys Ltd. Forward thinking and continual development has allowed the company to continue to produce functional equipment for over 5 decades.

In the early 1960’s, farmer Eddie Quinn designed a machine to assist with the handling of conventional hay bales. The first machine known as the ‘Baleboy’ could cart and stack a group of 16 bales of hay from the paddock to the shed or truck with ease and efficiently. This unit received an Award at the Australian National Field days.

In the mid 1970’s the new half ton round bale was introduced into New Zealand with Quinn’s at the forefront of development in both handling and feeding out this ‘large bale’. Several designs were prototyped and by 1976 full production was underway of the Quinn Big Bale Handler which became a popular and versatile machine in both N.Z and Australia. For a number of years Quinns produced the only machine to cart, stack, and feed out the round bale. This machine could also handle 25 conventional bales.

Eddies son, Alex, joined the company in 1980 and with the purchase of it in 1990 has continued with the development of their full range of materials handling equipment, Home Passenger Elevators and more recently, Industrial Pallet Inverters.

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